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Natural Contours Energie Vaginal Muscles Kegel Exerciser

Products Model SI2013
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Uniquely contoured, this small ergonomically shaped kegel (pelvic) muscle exerciser offers a comfortable and highly effective way to tone these vaginal muscles, and the heightened sexual satisfaction that many women find from these exercises far outweighs the five to ten minutes a day you'll need to spend on these exercises. Here's how it works: stronger pelvic muscles allow you to better control the tightness and contractions of your vagina, and this gives you control over your orgasm by helping you direct pressure using your muscles. Kegel exercisers were created by Dr. Arnold Kegel, and their original purpose was to help women overcome urinary incontinence; his research went a different way only when he noticed that his patients began to see sexual improvements, and even women who hadn't experienced orgasms in years began to have them. So this modest-in-appearance toy should not be underestimated-its advantages are really that good. If you don't know where your pelvic muscle is, it's the one that you use when you stop and start your urine flow. Here's a recommended exercise that you should apply for ten minutes a day for two weeks and five minutes a day after that: Lie down on your back with one or more pillows under your head and bend you knees with both feet flat on the floor. Relax everything except your kegel muscle. At first you may find yourself tightening the surrounding muscles in your abdomen, thighs and buttocks. For best results, practice isolating and then tightening just the kegel muscle. Lift up, do not bear down. Insert the energie? placing it just inside the vaginal opening. Take a deep breath and then totally relax the vaginal muscles as you exhale then squeeze and release the kegel muscle around the inserted energie?. Take another deep breath and exhale relaxing the vagina as you slowly insert the energie? another inch. Again squeeze and release the kegel muscle several times. Continue this process until full penetration has been achieved, and you'll find that this light regimen of kegel exercises will do more for your sex life than any of your previous partners or toys ever could.
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Product Reviews
Submited By: cgware    Reviews Time: 11/03/2014
"This weighted vaginal barbell that works the same as others of this type, but even better. The Energie is made of sleek hard plastic-coated metal that is ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort. Not only will this barbell strengthen your PC muscles while doing kegels, but it is perfectly shaped for G-Spot stimulation and self-pleasure. One end is slightly larger than the other as well, giving you a bit of variety. It has a good weight which makes for a challenging work-out."

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Davila    Reviews Time: 11/28/2014
If you're looking to tighten yourself this product is the one to use. It helped me go from after birth to how I was at 16.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Florin    Reviews Time: 07/06/2006
"Did wonders for my sex life after I clubbed my hubby over the head with it.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Reid    Reviews Time: 04/20/2008
"Standing, I used a bit of lube and inserted the larger end about an inch into my pussy. I then gripped it with my kegel muscles, and slowly let go with hand to see if I was strong enough to hold the heavy weight inside me.Energie review"

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
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