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Silicone Power Rod 8 Inch Flexes in Every Direction Black

Products Model SE211403
Reviews (6 Reviews)
Price $18.90
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Perfect for anal expeditions, the Silicone flexi-power rod's pliability makes it a safe and curve-adaptable probe while the firm silicone material it's made of ensures flexibility without flimsiness. If that's not enough, maybe seven powerful yet totally quiet vibrating and pulsating functions will catch your attention.

Oh yeah. As for this vibrator's shape, four beads line the shaft and taper upwards slightly and the tip is bullet shaped and slightly wider. The shaft bends in any direction while maintaining resiliency i.e. it always goes springs back to it original erect shape. The functions include three vibration speeds, three patterns of pulsation and a surging mode-a high-tech toy by any standards. But its relatively slim size (four inches at its widest) and simple controls make it a wise choice for beginners as well as experienced sexperts. Two buttons at the base control all the action; the button on the right cycles through the seven functions, and the one on the left is an immediate off button-it couldn't be simpler to operate. And that's why we love this toy; it's easy-to-use, versatile and powerful.
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Product Reviews
Submited By: Church    Reviews Time: 12/28/2014
very good product.Had one before and it lasted 4 years.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Virginia    Reviews Time: 03/02/2009
California Exotic Novelties Silicone Flexi-Power Rod is a dynamic butt probe. The three powerful levels of vibration will invigorate your ass and make you squirm with unfettered pleasure. It's beaded body is flexible to enrich those hard to reach corners of your crack. A great way to explore and conquer a p-spot orgasm.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Dominic    Reviews Time: 01/17/2015
have been delighted with the ease of using this toy. its size and length and its multi-speed vibrations do great things for me! the silicone is very smooth when lubed with waterbased anal lube or boy butter...take your pick. would absolutely recommend it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Bassi    Reviews Time: 03/08/2010
"This toy is like the Ferrari of anal vibrators. It flexes in every direction, which is very cool, but the main attraction at this show is the vibrating feature. It has seven (yes, seven!) unique settings.Silicone flexi-power rod review"

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: WALLS    Reviews Time: 06/25/2009
"This is one powerful toy, I must say. The source of the vibration is in the highest bulb on the end (it must have a really strong bullet in there) and it allows for it to be felt down the shaft. The settings of this are amazing (which result in a rating of 5 for me, since most vibes don't compare to this, and especially for this price of this). When inside you, it feels really similar to putting Hitachi wand in you butt (with an attachment of course). And yes it really is that powerful. What is nice, is that the noise level is way more quiet compared to the wand, most likely because it is more focused. The noise created can be easily drowned out with some music. (esp when in your ass) What makes this stand out over others is that it has 7 different settings (in this order): 3 Constants = low, medium, high, 3 Pulse = short-short-long. , short-short-short..., on-off-on-off.(kind of like a high-low-high-low method) and 1 Surge: gradual increase of low to high, and then back over again.The design of the toy could have been slightly better, since the arrows aren't exactly back and forward buttons. More like Right = Next, Left = Stop. What they should have done is made a stop button in the center and make the arrows execute next and previous functions. The handle I though was metal or chrome but its basically plastic with a chrome finish, just FYI for those thinking this is a more durable handle =[. I am still not convinced this is silicone (feels and smells exactly like rubber to be), but still feels very nice in your ass. I really wish this was waterproof, but I guess you cant have everything in one toy hah. Although I guess it makeOn final note, I must say, I really love this toy and it feels great inside you. Something funny: when it's in my butt, I can not only just feel my pubic area vibrate, but when I tense up and firmly grasp my penis, I can feel my hand having the vibrations transferred into it, via my shaft, all the way from my butt! That is how powerful this is.So hopefully this helps and who are in doubt. -AltF4"

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Enefe    Reviews Time: 06/09/2005
"I have this product and I love it. I especially like the ability to change the settings.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
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